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Autostem Demolition

Autostem has proved to be a popular and reliable method for bursting concrete and has been used across a variety of our projects successfully; from use on live pharmaceutical, chemical and manufacturing facilities to large theme parks where space has been limited.

Autostem is a non-detonating, self-stemming blasting cartridge designed for civil’s applications amongst others.
The Autostem cartridge offers almost the same calorific value (in terms of Jules of energy) however without the high velocity of detonation of traditional explosives used in the same application. This means essentially that Autostem works by rapidly expanding gas and not the percussive shockwave of traditional explosives.

The use of Autostem means concrete can be effectively broken up without the use of large excavators, leading to less disturbance on live sites and is effective in smaller areas.

The application of Autostem is extremely safe, it can not be accidentally set off due to the way in which it is detonated, and should a cartridge fail to detonate it is safe to remove by hand, in fact the greatest risk associated with the use of Autostem is drilling the holes for placing the cartridges.

You can see more information on the application of Autostem within our case study’s.





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