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Project Description

Discipline(s): Demolition of Fire Damaged Plant
Location: West Yorkshire
Project Duration: 2 Years
Operatives Onsite:
Site Manager:

Demolition of fire damaged plant

West Yorkshire

“When a fire broke out just over a year ago at SSE’s Ferrybridge C Power Station, JBV’s skills were called in to assess the best way to tackle the severely fire damaged 60 meter high Absorber unit whilst keeping the rest of the site live”

This emergency project came with considerable risks; the structure was in a state of partial collapse and its integrity was unknown with the potential of non-designed load paths, demolition without planning and mitigation could affect an unplanned collapse. The unpredictable West Yorkshire weather of strong winds and potential for heavy snow could also create structural overloading which added to the risk of the adjacent, plant and infrastructure, along with the ongoing safety of site personnel.
Through extensive collaboration with our subcontractors Mammoet and WYG, a plan was formulated to laser survey the structure and design a modular gantry structure around and over Unit 4, which would be utilised to bring the absorber tower from compression to tension to stabilise it.
A travelling overhead crane was designed and installed on the gantry to assist with the dismantling, it could operate in more adverse weather than traditional cranes, and this was the first time that this system had been used.
Once the gantry was in place, scaffolding was erected and the whole top section of the absorber was using Mammoet’s heavy lifting capabilities.
The roof of Unit 4 was de-lagged and removed and extraneous material was removed from the exterior of Unit 4 once that had also been de-lagged.

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