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Project Description

Discipline(s): Demoltion, Dismantling, Autostem
Sector: Industrial 
Location: Lancashire 
Project Duration: 

Demolition of Redundant Industrial Manufacturing Facility


In 2016 our team was mobilised and set the task to demolish PM1, a former paper processing plant, buildings and equipment within a live paper manufacturing facility located in the lively town centre of Ramsbottom near Bury.

Immediately two major factors are faced: the first being that we were working within a live manufacturing facility and the second, we were working within a town centre. However these issues where well managed.

As we progressed, further challenges arose.

As our team worked their way back through PM1 there was a cantilevered structure that needed to be removed, the issue with this was that is was directly over the ponds that provided the facility with water for its manufacturing operations. Special care was needed to ensure that none of the arisings fell in to the ponds or fell and damage the ponds. Our in house engineer worked with scaffolding companies to devise a system that would protect the ponds. While this element of the project took longer than envisaged the care taken to put the unique scaffold system in place resulted in the cantilever structure being demolished successfully.

Further planning was needed as we came across large concrete sections within part of the building. If we used machinery to break these it would cause significant disruption to the operational part of site as well as to the people and businesses in Ramsbottom. We therefore decided to use a method called Autostem, this is a form of explosive used to break concrete, however it does not rely on heat like traditional explosives and is therefore safe to use in a number of applications. By utilising this method we were able to reduced vibration, dust and noise significantly, while saving time and money for our client. This project was completed without incident or injury.

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